Sunday, February 05, 2006

Shortening the time

Another "long time, no blog" writing :). But for now, I won't give a summary of the past news, but a new one.

Before I've mentioned about COMAR - the COnfiguration MAnageR for Pardus. For 1.0 release we're using it for a couple of jobs. Namely for network, time/date and automatic configuration. But we wouldn't stop there. After the release we thought to use it for the overly complicated init system. Today the new module is committed by Gurer to our public SVN.

We're playing with our new init system for a while. Although it's in an early stage, personally I'm very happy about it. The new system is written in Python for COMAR. Using a real programming language makes things cleaner. And speed comes for free as a side effect :). Take a look at the bootcharts:

Bootchart for the new init over COMAR.

Bootchart for the decent old init system.

The only missing part in the new system is mdnsd. I think that's promising :).


Blogger vladc6 said...

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5:33 PM  
Blogger vladc6 said...

Why don't you use SUSE's Yast installer for hardware and system configuration? It is based on Qt/KDE and is very mature and robust.

I've been told that Yast is complex, but anything that excels at configuring hardware and system settings will never be "easy to maintain". IMHO starting an installer from scratch will only yield a half-baked solution that will get abandoned as soon as it starts tackling the more thorny issues that YAST has already solved.

If you like Python, you might also consider KDE Guidance, which uses PyQT and PyKDE, integrates nicely into the KDE Control Center, and which is the default configuration tool in Kubuntu.

As for the Init system, I encourage you to start using InitNG, which is already functional in several distros and which has a lot of developer momentum.

5:35 PM  
Blogger Barış Metin said...

Although Yast has a modular design it was not an option for us. Providing separate solutions for known problems makes the integration harder. As a matter of fact, we've developed our framework COMAR. Which provides a daemon and a "system model" that describes the system's capabilities. I'd definitely encourage you to take a look at the COMAR system :).

Guidance is not an option for the same reason. Our aim is not to provide a single perfect solution for a problem. But to provide an integrated system that can manage system configuration. Frequently configuration of a part of system depends on other parts. That's why an integrated configuration manager is important for us.

We've looked deeply and considered using init-ng before. Infact, one of our developers in Pardus is also an initng developer. But having a system like comar made it possible to build a simpler (I think, that's why better) init system in a short time.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Ali Işıngör said...

Nice. :)

11:13 AM  

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