Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gaining Awareness

Long time without a log... Was a kind of busy with many things, will write about a few :).

Plasma appeared on the press, Focus Magazine Turkey this month. It's somehow short (half of a page) but is very encouraging.

Yesterday we made an interview with Focus Magazine Turkey, but this time for Pardus Linux. It seems that we will be the cover subject next month :). As KDE is the main (and currently only) DE for Pardus, in the interview we have also talked about KDE.

Today I've attended CeBIT Eurasia and made another interview with a TV (TRT). They said that we'll be on the news tomorow. There will be scenes of Pardus, with its KDE desktop, on the TV.

Tomorrow, our project manager Erkan Tekman will join another TV (CNN Turk) program. The topic is "National Operating System". Vise Chairman of Microsoft Turkey will also attend the show.

Conclusion: We are gaining more awareness on both sides, Pardus and KDE, in Turkey. I'm sure more will come in the future. And this is just great :).


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