Wednesday, May 18, 2005

... to the Festival

Yes, we are going to leave for the 4. Linux and Free Software Festival (in Turkey) tomorrow at 17:00.

I've reviewed my slides for KDE Programming presentation, I'll also attend the Zemberek (Turkish NLP library) talk as the secondary speaker.

There will be presentations, panels, tournaments, an install fest, award ceremony for the last years best penguins and many more. And as KDE Turkey we are going to arrange a translation session for KDE in one of the 4 days.

In Turkish Linux Users Association the work is done in separate working groups (WG). Even though groups are separate they are in cooperation with each other and with the administrative board, mainly by the help of mailing list (and of course mobiles).

For the festival arrangements the hardest work is still being done in both Activities WG and Seminars WG. Kudos to each member of those groups :).

I'll have more things to write after the Festival...


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