Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Yes, we're there!

Yesterday we've released our code for PISI (a package manager for our distribution; for the uninformed ;) with the revision history for your curious eyes :). Yes, we've reached alpha state with a few missing parts.

There is a separate documentation, describing the requirements and architecture but sadly its only in Turkish currently. Anyway I think the distinction of PISI is its simplicity. It was possible for a person from irc to build his first package within an hour after he first seen PISI. Without the documentation, without an help but just with looking at the tests. That's good :).

Today we've made a meeting to schedule our time for the forthcoming days. PISI development is going steadily and it seems that I'm stepping to a new area, YALI (Yet Another Linux Installer).

A long time friend of mine, Gorkem started to work part-time with us at Pardus. He'll mainly work on the quality-assurance and usability issues. Being the Project Coordinator at KDE Turkey, KDE community is familiar with him too :).

On the KDE part, again I don't have much to write :(. But I've made a new build of trunk (now KDE4) and will try to work on that soon. I've ported my KDE Programming presentation to beamer with an update. It was fun.

In other news, KDE Turkey has a new logo. You can see it at the top of the site. Reading the conversations at the mailing list, it seems that we have also some new interested community members with the affect of last translation marathon. This is very encouraging :).


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