Friday, June 03, 2005

Grab a brush and Put a little makeup

Kicker... Ops, did I say kicker? I meant to say plasma. It is very exciting with its marvellous logo. Being a newbie KDE developer, I've started to work with kicker too. Starting with baby steps, I got the KickerTip for clock applet work. It has some more work to do...

Application of the month is anounced with Turkish translations for the first time.

I gave flickr a try. It is working pretty well with my blogger account. I'm getting used to it. But infact, these web services are not my type. I can consider using my home brew software for this blog too. It even has a gui coded with PyQt.


About the title? You really should listen Chop Suey from Richard Cheese :).


Blogger Aaron J. Seigo said...

the tooltip is looking good. i see you added the local timezone thing, that's great.

btw, if you want your images to show up on, add a class=showonplanet to the img tags =)

5:14 PM  
Blogger Ian Monroe said...

I really like web services... don't have to worry about losing my settings after a computer upgrade or anything.

Linux (and Windows for that manner) lacks a good Flickr tagger... Organizr doesn't cut it. Wish I had some time.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Seb Ruiz said...

I'd love to see a stlyeclock addition for the kicker! I find the current clock so bland.

3:34 AM  
Blogger Barış Metin said...

Aaron, thank you for the tip about the images. It's a pity I'm the only one who is aware of that attribute.

Ian, I do agree with you about the settings in the client side. I do use a subversion for my local files too :), so I don't have to wory about that. But anyway, I'm getting used to them.

Seb, Aaron has an article titled "Visual Elements For Kicker 4.0" ( There he explains "the clock" situation. I bet you'll like it :).

4:10 PM  

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