Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Manifestation of life

It's been so long after my last post. It's because of our busy schedule for the release of Pardus Linux. We have lots of things to do with a small but qualified team.

Nowadays we are working hard on our package management system PISI. I know it sounds banal, "A new distribution and a new pkg system". But I'm pretty sure we'll fix some bits in current packaging systems. Okay, others said so too, but one way or another we'll have our simple and smart system working with our configuration manager which is also in development currently :).

Yesterday we've reached pre-alpha stage providing the bare minimum package system functionality; package creation and installation. Didn't release any code to public for now. But we will release the system with GPL like all work we do.

Today after doing some work on PISI, I didn't feel like coding/documenting anymore. First we went out with my wife to the Bosporus and ate fish. We walked for a while searching for a new apartment to rent, but couldn't succeed :(. Coming back to home I made a call to the public for Turkish KDE translations with a small how-to. We need more hardworking translators. Now after the call we are waiting in our cave for newcomers :).

Soo... I didn't have time for KDE works in the last two/three weeks. I just had chance to touch some Turkic locale problems. And that is all... Ops! I've forgot to mention about my LyX plugins for KDE, but that's to small amount of work and not finished yet :).

I'm pretty sure upcoming days will be same too. But I'll try to be more responsive :).

I've forgot to add... Now we have two KDE developers in our team at Pardus. Some of you may remember Eray Ozkural (exa) :). It's a pity that we can't do any KDE work for now, but we will after our dear PISI :)...


Blogger Scott Wheeler said...

Heh, this is actually kind of funny and I suppose not disconnected -- when I did a talk at TUBITAK at the beginning of 2004 and I met with some of the guys that are probably in your group now we talked a lot about packaging systems. It should be interesting to compare what you're working on now to what was talked about a year and a half ago. :-)

Anyway -- it's fun to see that things seem to be moving along.

4:52 AM  
Blogger Barış Metin said...

I'm one of the guys you've talked about from the Pardus team :). In fact by that time, we even didn't have a name for our distribution.

Yes many thinks have changed and now I guess we came up with feasible designs and prototypes for our packaging system and configuration manager.

In last month we released a live CD (http://www.uludag.org.tr/eng/urunler/index.html) and we are planning to release our distribution before the end of year :).

See you..

3:00 AM  

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