Saturday, May 14, 2005

KDE is fun

Just 3 days ago I got my svn account. As we are actively using subversion in our project I got used to it (infact I got addicted :). So It was no problem for me to work with subversion but working with a large code base like KDE's is challenging.

After waiting several hours to finish svn co and preparing my environment for the build, I was ready. I've prepared a little script for my build. But I do consider to switch to Michael Pyne's kdesvn-build.

Anyway I made my fist two commits. I'm very happy that we have solved a long waited Turkish locale bug. We have some more bugs for Turkic locales (tr_TR and tr_AZ) to be fixed. Unfortunately, we'll allways have due to the exceptional behaviour of Turkish :(.

I've also ported my Kmenu-button-text patch to PanelButton and used KShadowEngine instead of my own hack. Any panel button desiring to have a text can just call setButtonText(QString) (like I did in WindowListButton just for demonstration).

By default Kmenu's text is disabled.

More on the community part, we have published an anouncement about KDE Turkey. As can be seen from the writing I'll be presenting a KDE Programming talk in the 4. Linux and Free Software Festival in Turkey. I'm hoping to write more on the festival later.


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